Scalor Inc. - Improving Business
Our goal is to help you to improve your organization’s effectiveness. We succeed when you succeed. Our packaged software is carefully designed to meet your specific needs. We approach product design as minimalists. Our software does exactly what is necessary to meet the business function, and no more. Our user interface design is based on what actually works with real people in real business situations. Our products are user-configurable and are often relevant across vertical markets.

Our products demonstrate the extraordinary expertise of our team. We are professional programmers using Domino, Java, and Web technologies, avoiding performance pitfalls, and leveraging each platform to its fullest capacity.
Fun public example of the ultimate market research system. Enjoy!
Our first Flash game. Fun for all ages..
Our premier product is a portal platform simplifying web development and content management.
Complete control of Web pages on SAP Portal. Any layout is possible so place the menus where you desire.
CODAŽ for Domino
The original CODA for easy intranet and Internet development. Let managers create new project teamrooms and other applications whiile maintaining corporate control of the layout.
ShopTru (TM)
Kiosk applications integrated with websites for an enjoyable customer experience.
Value Equation (TM)
Value Equation gathers and analyzes metrics for any business. The interfaces are designed for use by anybody. See our success story with grocery stores.
Verbatim Analysis
The easiest method for categorizing comments.