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Scalor Products

Our premier product is a Portal Platform simplifying web development and content management. Each flavor fully integrates with its foundation platform.
ShopTru (TM)
Kiosk applications integrated with websites.

Value Equation (TM)
Value Equation gathers and analyzes metrics for any business. The interfaces are designed for use by anybody. See our success story with grocery stores. Tablet PC enabled.

Verbatim Analysis
Verbatim Coding - the easiest method for categorizing comments.

Other Software
Scalor also has Web and Notes client applications for:
Surveys - Multiple choice and text responses. Integrates with Scalor's Verbatim Analysis.
Mailer - mass mailing and tracking
Product Release Manager - scheduling multiple releases with dependency handling.
Product Demonstrations
Please complete the request form. A Scalor representative will contact you to schedule your demonstration.