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 No-Nonsense Support and Enhancement Policy

All Scalor support is provided via email and website downloads. Onsite support is provided by Scalor and partner companies. Contact us for further information.

Customers are encouraged to suggest enhancements.
New Versions
Scalor's philosophy is software should be bought only once. Sales contracts typically include support for installation, configuration, and the first year of use. Longer and renewable maintenance contracts are available for customers that require them. Upgrades are freely available to existing customers.

Break-Fix Support Policy
Scalor will fix what Scalor breaks. Break-fix support is provided to customers without charge for one (1) year from date of purchase. Scalor allows customers to upgrade our products without additional software costs. If an upgrade breaks existing functionality, we promise to collaborate with customers to fix the problem. This policy encourages us to release new versions that automatically and safely upgrade from previous versions. Support is available without charge for six (6) months following the release of a new version. Break-fix support may require installing an upgrade.

This policy does not provide free support for issues not caused by our software upgrades or data outside Scalor applications. Scalor provides commercial assistance for most business computer issues -- including problems caused by upgrading hardware or software from other sources.