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CODAŽ for Domino

CODA Registered Trademark is
  • website development
  • a content management system
  • an application platform

CODA Registered Trademark is website development
  • Skins provide consistent look and feel.
  • Integrates information from diverse sources: HTML, Web services, text, rich text, and XML.
  • Easily add applications using reusable templates.

CODA Registered Trademark is a content management system.
  • Add and edit documents online.
  • Easy categorization builds taxonomy.
  • Allows documents to exist in multiple locations and be easily added and moved to new locations and categories.

CODA Registered Trademark is an application platform.
  • CODA natively integrates Web-based Java applications.
  • Integrates Web applications running on other platforms.

CODA Registered Trademark for Domino was released in 2000 on IBM Lotus Domino 5. CODA provides functionality to create the perfect portal while Domino provides rapid application development and integration with most backend systems.

The technology world has changed since the original CODA was released. IBM has changed strategies for Domino several times. Integration with backends has become simpler as XML and Web services have become ubiquitous. Scalor always provides specatular service. The partnership with IBM created situations where Scalor's ability to satisfy customers depended on software outside Scalor's control. These issues are solved with CODA CMS.

Scalor Inc. is committed to "No Hassle" upgrades. CODA for Domino is being upgraded for Domino 8, Scalor will migrate existing customers of CODA for Domiono to CODA CMS for no additional cost.