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CODAŽ Content Management

CODA Registered Trademark is
  • an application platform
  • website development
  • content management system

CODA Registered Trademark is website development
  • Functionality is separated into Modules Each website can customize any Module.
  • Creating a new website often requires just choosing Modules and possibly changing the layout.
  • Formatting modules use XSL to create any layout.

CODA Registered Trademarkis a content management system.
  • Add and edit documents online.
  • Every revision is saved -- easy undo and no concurrency issues.
  • Navigation structure is divorced from content. Documents can appear multiple times and be easily added or moved..
  • Full security. Each document may have different readers and editors.

CODA Registered Trademark is an application platform.
  • Most development can be created with XSL and XML. Complex functionality can be programmed in Java.
  • Built on Cocoon allowing integration with HTML, XML, Web services, and many databases.

CODA Registered Trademark Content Management includes these features:
  • Almost everything is configurable online -- even development files.
  • Documents - Standard Web pages editable online.
  • Discussions - Multiple authors adding separately-editable content merged into a single document.
  • Blogs - Quick entry of unformatted text automatically displaying a set number of entries per page with most recent first.
  • Newsletter - Scheduled email with text header and list of documents added since the visitor last received a newsletter.
  • Project Tracking and Status Reports
  • Whatever you need -- Scalor creates general-purpose applications for no additional charge and company-specific applications for reasonable fees.

CODA Registered Trademark is evolving to better integrate with your company. Scalor is committed to satisfying customers. This requires Scalor to be able to fix our software. CODA for Domino did not allow Scalor to have full control of customer satisfaction. Scalor investigated open source solutions and used the Apache Software Foundation's Lenya project as the foundation for CODA CMS. Scalor designed and programmed a revised data and plug-in architecture. This implementation is known as Apache Lenya 1.3, and the core source code is maintained in the Apache Software Foundation's repository. CODA CMS builds on the core platform adding support and much standard business functionality. CODA CMS was first released in 2005.