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CODA Registered Trademark is
  • an application platform
  • website development
  • content management system

CODA Registered Trademark is website development
  • XSL templates provide consistent look and feel.
  • Full control of navigation menus, appearing anywhere on the pages with different formatting (indent, fonts, colors) for each level.
  • Each website may use a different template and top-level start page.

CODA Registered Trademark for SAP's content management and functionality development is provided by SAP Portal.

SAP Portal is popular. This free addition to SAP provides Web access to SAP's application suite. Unfortunately, SAP Portal has difficulty creating standard websites. Companies must choose between:
- user-unfriendly websites with much SAP functionality but little integration with standard search engines.
- using the "light framewaork" without much SAP functionality.

CODA for SAP offers business benefits beyond yesterday's presentation of the impact on SAP Portal development. CODA for SAP was first released in 2007.

CODA for SAP can present SAP Portal applications using any Web interface.
1. Flexible interface. Total control of the layout with the exception of defining a content area for standard SAP functionality. This allows any layout that can be used on the Web to be used with SAP Portal.
2. Flexible navigation. The implementation is to set the top of the navigation hierarchy to an item in the PCD. While every website's navigation structure must appear in the normal SAP Portal hierarchy, individual websites can show only a subsection of the hierarchy.
3. Standard SAP Portal functionality.

CODA for SAP allows rapid development of websites.

CODA for SAP offers search-friendly URLs. This allows SAP Portal to better partner with the enterprise search initiative.
The normal interface opens a page and does not change the URL as a visitor navigates through the content. The new interface assigns a URL to every page within SAP Portal. This allows some basic Web functions to be used with SAP Portal:
1. The "Back" button will work properly.
2. Pages may be bookmarked/added to Favorites.
3. Pages have a direct access URL for use by meta functions such as search.
The prime difficulty encountered integrating SAP Portal content with enterprise search has been the inability to create a link directly to the content. CODA S allows SAP Portal websites to be handled with the same algorithms used for all standard Web sites.

Scalor focuses on the benefits of the rapid development and flexibility. CODA for SAP allows creation of multiple websites on a single SAP Portal server. CODA for SAP allows a project to meet the customer requirements, use SAP Portal standard functionality, and reduce development time

The minimal configuration for a new website requires a name and the top element of the navigation hierarchy (which may be empty to include the entire server.) Most websites will provide an XSL stylesheet to create a new interface although a default interface can be used for many sites. Other options allow full control. An optional XMAP would allow multiple interfaces within one website. An XMAP would also allow inclusion of information from other sources. Any information available as XML (such as Web Services) is easy to include and format.