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Using Scalor's Website Lenya Publication

Adding Menu entries

From the Site or Authoring tabs, choose the document under which the new document will appear. To create a top-level menu item, choose "Authoring" on the Site tab. Then use the menu: File - New Document

Publishing a Document

From the Site or Authoring tabs:
menu: Workflow - Submit
Click "Submit" button.
menu: Workflow - Publish
Click "Publish" button.

Create Document in Another Language

Scalor's Website Publication will create all language versions when a new document is created. Just switch languages and edit the document.

If you remove a language version of a document, you can recreate it with the menu: File - New Language Version

Renaming Menu Entries

From the Site or Authoring tabs, use the Menus: Edit - Edit Navigation Title

Creating links

1. Get the link:
For other websites, use the whole thing:

For, start with the / after the domain. It it starts with "/scalor/live" or "scalor/authoring", remove that. So:
Should all become:

To make a link to Contact Us page, use:

To make a link to Login/Register/MyPage, use:

The URLs are destroyed if you edit in MS Internet Explorer. You must use Mozilla or another good browser. (We are looking for a fix.)

2. Go to the document in Kupu.
3. Paste the link into the box under "Links" on the right.
4. Highlight the text in the document that should become a link.
5. Click "Make Link" (in the Links box.)

Adding Named Anchors

When editing a document:
1. Open the source with the last icon.
2. Find where you want the named anchor, usually just before a "header tag": <h1>, <h2>, <h3>...
3. Add:
<a name="targetname"></a>
4. Repeat #3 and #4 for other named anchors.
5. Close the source.
6. Add the link normally using this format:

To link to a named anchor from other pages, add the #namedAnchorName to the end of the URL:

Adding graphics and other assets such as PDFs

Go to the document on the "Site" tab. Click the Assets tab. Click "Add Asset"

Add graphic to document

In the "Images" box on the right, enter the document id, a slash, and the filename. The document id is the last part before ".html" in the URL, not including the underscore and language. = solutions

To add a graphic called "smile.gif" on the "about" document, enter:

Make certain the cursor is where you want the graphic to appear. Click "Insert Image".
(We are working to make that process easier.)

Add a background graphic to a document

1. Create a graphic named "bg.gif".
Make it VERY light. Then make it lighter. The background should be white or transparent. Add empty borders so it does not repeat if you do not want it to "tile". To not repeat horizontally, the width should be at least 540 pixels. The height depends on the document, but a normal page is around 420 pixels. Making it very large is fine; the graphic will be truncated if it does not fit in the space used by the document.

2. Create an Asset with the filename "bg.gif" on the Document using the "Site/Assets" tabs.
3. Publish the Document.